Kiellands hus

Lighting design and delivery by LHC

Basic lighting in common areas level 0.Decorative special lamp in the atrium between level 1 and 0.

Kiellands hus shopping center wanted an upgrade of the basic lighting in level 0, as well as a decorative lighting installation to create eye-catchers from the street.

Design assessments for special lamp
The special lamp had to have a size that makes it fill the room and create an eye-catcher. At the same time, there was a desire for a mixture of a rough, urban expression softened with playful elements, such as light balls and plants.

Several versions of the special lamp were modeled in 3D and visualized in 3D Max and Vray to give the customer a good picture of what the different options would be, as well as to adapt the construction to the surrounding columns and underlying escalator.

Based on the visualizations, the customer chose a variant with steel frames and luminous balls.

Concept special lamp
The special lamp consists of two black steel frames in two heights with luminous balls mounted above and below in different heights. Plants wrap around the structure from the surrounding columns. In this way, the construction became both tight with the black frames and the toy with the balls and plants in a random pattern.


In addition, the special lamp is used as a night light and is reflected in the shop windows in the center, and this gives a sea of ​​reflections that gives a beautiful and eye-catching image.

Design assessments basic lighting
In a common area in a shopping center, there is a need for a base light that creates a safe and pleasant atmosphere. The light level must not compete with the light from the shop windows and must be lower than the light in shops and exhibitions. The basic lighting helps to define what kind of area you are in, and a modern expression was desirable.

Concept basic lighting
In level 0, surface-mounted LED profiles of varying lengths were laid. These create a chaotic pattern that gives the impression of movement and speed and signals a center with high activity.

Light level approx. 250 lux to provide contrast to the higher light level in the shop windows and to provide visual space for the light installation in the atrium.

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