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Light House is a lighthouse in the Nordic region within shop and project lighting.

Since its inception, the company has grown steadily. The business idea was to sell lighting equipment to installers, but in 2005 a new strategy was created and we started with concept development and delivery of lighting to retail chains, as well as a more targeted focus on interior architects who worked with homes and offices.

In 2009, we started our own production of rail spots for shops, an initiative that was very successful. As production grew and required further investment, we had to make a choice.

Light House is a company engaged in sales and lighting design, and large-scale production did not fit into our strategy. Therefore, it was decided that in 2014 we would discontinue production in Norway. Today we work mainly with product design and development of our own products and the actual production we do through our partners in the East. We still have a small production in Norway where we can produce unique products on a small scale on behalf of our customers. In 2014, we started our subsidiary in Sweden, LHC Sweden AB. The following year, we opened our branch office in Tønsberg. In 2017, we moved our head office and warehouse to Kolbotn, centrally located outside Oslo.

Since the beginning, we have delivered many groundbreaking, cost-effective and environmentally friendly projects in both Norway and Sweden. IN Light House Family, we are dedicated professionals with an enormous commitment and a burning belief in what light can accomplish. We work in teams and are always looking for the optimal and unique solution for each project.


High competance

Our leading brand is high competence. In lighting design, consulting and selling candles. In addition, we are a lighting wholesaler with a large range with over 10.000 different units. Here, as a customer, you have all the choices you could wish for: for example, our self-produced top-quality LED spotlights - via a wide range from leading European manufacturers - to specially designed decorative lamps.

Large range

Since 1997, we have provided solutions for everything from homes, shops and malls, to public projects and outdoor environments. Among other things, parts of the Norwegian Opera, Maxbo's flagship at Hvam, Trekanten Shopping Center in Bodø, Fredrikstad Kulturhus and Fornebu Shopping.

Light House was also chosen as a lighting designer and supplier of light when Optimera was to build the home of the future: a comfort house, which is also a "plus house" (a house that produces more energy than it uses). The house, located by Larvik, was designed by Snøhetta, and Light House has designed and delivered a solution that optimizes both energy efficiency and comfort for the homes of the future.

Environmental focus. No environmental toxins going astray

 In recent years, we have had a strong focus on the environment and how we as wholesalers and lighting designers can deliver good environmental solutions, with a focus on production, energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and recyclability.

As a member of RENAS, the country's leading EE return company, we take responsibility for our products even after the end of life.

LEDs: Light House has for almost 14 years had a strong focus on LED solutions

Light House has for almost 14 years had a strong focus on LED solutions, where we have worked out world-class solutions in collaboration with Europe's leading manufacturers of light. This has given us a unique expertise in LED. Today, we work almost exclusively with LED solutions in all types of projects, and this helps to give our customers the market's foremost and most optimal solutions.

Convincing results

Light House is a unique professional environment for those who love light. We have the enthusiasm, the expertise, the products, the suppliers, the partners and not least the customers. We can point to fantastic projects and convincing results.

Light House Company AS is privately owned, and all the owners work in the company. The head office is located at Trollåsen (Kolbotn), and in Sweden our subsidiary is located in Ørebro.

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Our story

Light House - from Helgesens gate on Tøyen to a lighthouse in the Nordic countries

1997: Start

It was simply the desire and joy of working with light that made Rune Moberg start Light House  in 1997. He wanted to see and hear people's positive reactions to completed projects.

The business idea was to be a lighting supplier for installers in the eastern region. Showroom was established in Helgesens gate on Grünerløkka, which was already a trendy area for design, interior and culture. Our only staff member was Rune.

During this period had Light House a small but steady growth, and the preliminary highlight came in 2002, when we delivered light to the SAS hotel at Holbergs plass in Oslo.

The first "Light House"catalog" was created in 1999 and already at that time showed a significantly large product range.

2005: New ownership

In 2005, Hans Krüger was hired as general manager, and this led to major changes in a short time: the strategy was changed, more people were hired, turnover grew formidably, and Light House appeared in a completely new profile.

Hans had previously built up a Norwegian department for the Swedish light giant LampGustaf, which in 2005 was bought by Fagerhult.

The main features of our new strategy were to focus on store lighting - an area Hans had extensive experience from. The goal was established from the outset: to become a beacon in shop and project lighting in the Nordic region!

In line with the new strategy was also Light House re-profiled with a new logo, new design and completely new image. Among the new employees, a lighting designer was hired, and as one of the few suppliers at this time, we made lighting plans in auto-cad.

The growth also meant that large European producers opened their eyes to it Light House. Among others Metalarte, Nordic Light and Prolicht.

We saw enormous opportunities with the right use of light, and among other things, the concept "Selling light" was established. This is about how we can get the consumer to take a predetermined action with the right use of light. Light House focuses on consumer behavior and the relationship between consumer and light. The same principles as "Selling light" have been extended to lighting solutions for cafes, restaurants and other areas, to create the right atmosphere, well-being, experience and results with the right use of light.

2006-2009: Strong growth

The major changes led to significant growth, and in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 were Light House named Gazellebedrift * in Dagens Næringsliv.

We positioned ourselves as one of the most important players in store lighting in the Nordic region and delivered lighting concepts based on the "Selling light" concept to customers such as XXL Sport and Villmark, ARG, The Body Shop and Vitus Apotek.

The growth meant that we grew out of the premises in Helgesens gate, and in 2008 we moved to new premises at Etterstad in Oslo. Here there was room for a great showroom, functional workplaces, meeting rooms and a large warehouse. Light House Family had increased to 13 employees.

Competence and product development have been a clear guiding star throughout Light House. Extensive collaboration with manufacturers, strong development of the product range and in-house development of products have made us a spearhead in understanding LED solutions. Among other things, we designed a groundbreaking lighting solution based on LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for parts of the new opera building in Bjørvika.

A completely new concept was also developed for Norway's largest bookstore chain Libris, with, among other things, a self-designed signature pendant. Specially designed products were also the start of our own production.

2010: Own production

In 2010 started Light House own production in the premises at Etterstad. Here, spotlights are designed and produced, among other things, and we have achieved great success with the design and production of special lamps - "one of a kind" - for eg Hafslund, the Norwegian Opera, Libris and Fiskeriet.

2011-2014: Growth continues

Through exciting and fantastic projects, such as Maxbo's flagship at Hvam, the law firm Grette's offices at Aker Brygge, Fredrikstad Kulturhus and outdoor lighting of the mosque at Furuset in Oslo, we have consolidated our position as a Nordic lighthouse in store and project lighting.

In 2012, “Light HouseTHE GUARANTEE ”established. We already delivered the concept "Selling candles" - and from 2012 we also gave a guarantee of results for the concept!

In 2014, we also established the subsidiary LHC AB in Ørebro in Sweden. This provides an even more central starting point for further developing the Nordic vision and position.


The guarantee ensures:

  • Increase in turnover.
  • Increased experience in store.
  • The market's best LED solutions for stores.
  • Significant energy savings with or without LED.
  • That we are the Nordic region's best in light and consumer behavior.


One area that has become increasingly important in lighting is the environmental perspective, and Light House has for many years focused on this. From production - via environmentally friendly operating solutions - to disposal, with as much as 99% recyclability. In particular, the unique expertise in LED gives our customers very favorable opportunities to combine well-being, brand building and sales with environmental friendliness.


Light House is now a modern and future-oriented competence company, which has a fantastic position for the future. Our history shows that it is possible to combine visionary views, solid strategic work and an offensive winning culture.

Light House is still privately owned, and all the owners work in the company.


* Every year, the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and Dun & Bradstreet nominate the Gazelle Companies of the Year. The criteria include that the company should be growing, and turnover should have more than doubled in the last 4 years.

2016: Turnover

Turnover exceeds 50 mill.

2017: 20 years

Light House turns 20 years old.
Moved to larger and modern premises at Kolboten.

2018: Nomination Light Prize

Nominated for the Light Prize 2017.

Light House is one of 14 projects nominated for the Norwegian Lighting Prize 2017 Lyskultur will for the 16th time award the Norwegian Lighting Prize to highlight exciting and well-designed lighting projects in Norway. With this year's application record, the jury had a demanding job of selecting the nominees in five categories. Light House is nominated in the class BEST INDOOR PROJECT with Gand Café.

2020: Nomination Light Prize

Light House is nominated in the class YOUNG with Skårer kindergarten.

Light House is one of 16 nominated projects and products that were nominated for the Norwegian Lighting Prize 2020. For the 19th time, Lyskultur awards the Norwegian Lighting Prize to highlight exciting and well-designed lighting projects in Norway. The jury had a demanding job of selecting the nominees in five categories.

2020: Develops the LAB series for BREEAM projects

LAB - Optimal solutions with a beautiful design

LAB An environmentally friendly series of decorative lamps of high quality at a favorable price, developed in Norway. Satisfies all requirements within BREEAM. Dimbare with DALI or Triac.

Our expertise

cost-effective environmental solutions for shops, homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and outdoor environments.

I Light House Family, we are dedicated professionals with an enormous commitment and a burning belief in what light can accomplish. We work in teams and are always looking for the optimal solution adapted to each project!


Oslo • Tønsberg • Örebro


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