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Light is more than the absence of darkness. Light is an interaction with materials and colors. Interaction with surfaces. This interaction has a big impact on how we feel. How the room is experienced. An atmosphere that makes us feel good? Or unwell?

Different individuals, with different backgrounds and skills, with one goal in focus; To create the perfect concept / light plan for the project in question. With a background in lighting design, product design and interior design, we use our long experience and expertise in these fields to create a unique result.

Whether we work individually or several on a project, it is important for us to utilize the community's creativity and work purposefully towards innovative solutions and design. By challenging and developing each other's ideas, we succeed in creating innovation and added value for our customers. They care about design. We do that too.

A good collaboration provides good solutions

Reputable lighting designers with a focus on details

Everyone knows that lighting is important, but few people know how much the light in the room has an impact on us humans. Brightness, zones and atmosphere are all elements that affect the sensory impression.

For us as professional lighting designers, we make sure to adapt our solutions for each individual project. That way you get optimal lighting for your purposes. We have no limitations, and are recognized for our strategic solutions in lighting design.

We have delivered solutions and lighting design for everything from homes, shops and malls, to public projects and outdoor environments. Among other things, parts of the Norwegian Opera, Maxbo's flagship at Hvam, Trekanten Shopping Center in Bodø, Fredrikstad Kulturhus and Fornebu Shopping.

Award-winning lighting design

Since our start-up in 1997, we have built up a solid reputation. Our philosophy, which combines research, expertise and creativity, has led to a number of nominations and awards for projects in lighting design.

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We want to create groundbreaking, cost-effective and environmentally friendly projects.

Our leading brand is high competence in lighting design, consulting and selling candles. In addition, we are a lighting wholesaler with a large range with over 10.000 different units.

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From idea to visual lighting experience


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