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Terms of sale and delivery


When ordering goods, it is assumed that the customer agrees to the following sales and delivery conditions, as well as conditions related to complaints, returns and credits.

Terms of sale.

  1. Subject to change in specifications, colors and design without prior notice.
  2. Offers and prices are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated in the offer documents.
  3. We reserve the right to change prices by reducing the number offered by more than 20%
  4. The prices are excluding VAT and environmental fee and are understood to be net per unit.
  5. All orders and agreements, confirmed and unconfirmed, are invoiced at the current prices and conditions on the order day. For all orders less than NOK 1000, - a net shipping cost of NOK 100, - is invoiced
  6. Shipping will be added.
  7. Only written order is binding for Light House Company AS
  8. Prices and delivery times for special luminaires are only binding for the relevant number and types offered
  9. We reserve the right to change prices with immediate effect in the event of changes in currency conditions
  10. Light House Company AS has a sales lien on the goods in accordance with the Pledge Act of 8/2 1908. The sales lien applies until the purchase price with any interest and costs has been paid in full.

Delivery terms:

  1. The delivery time applies from that date Light House Company AS has received a written order from the customer.
  2. Light House Company AS has no responsibility for delivery delays due to force majeure.
  3. The customer is responsible for checking the goods upon receipt and the duty to report to the freight forwarder when damage or defect has been proven.
  4. By agreement on collection of goods at Light House Company AS, the customer must pick up the goods within 10 days of ordering. After this, the goods will be sent to the customer and charged with shipping costs.
  5. In case of delayed delivery is Light House Company AS's liability to the buyer is limited upwards to 15% of the purchase price to cover documented additional costs, fines and any other losses the buyer may have, directly or indirectly, as a result of the delay.
  6. If the buyer can not receive ordered goods at the agreed delivery time. Want Light House Company AS reserve the right to invoice warehouse rent.

Download sales and delivery conditions as pdf 

Returns and credits:

  1. Items are not returned without a written agreement.
  2. When such an agreement exists, 80% of the invoiced net amount or 100% if the return is due Light House Company AS Minimum return fee is NOK 400
  3. Returned goods must be packed in original packaging and Light House Company their return form must be filled in with the original order, invoice number and order number and accompany the goods.
  4. All returns are made at the customer's expense and risk.
  5. Specially manufactured products and non-stocked goods are not returned.
  6. Deadline for return is within 3 months from the invoice date.

Return of goods

Returns of goods shall only take place with the consent of Light House Company AS. The invoice number, date and reason for the return must be stated, and the return form must accompany the goods.

Return form in browser   Download form (Zip)


    1. Defective situation must be reported in writing without undue delay and no later than 7 days after receipt of the goods.
    2. The order number and invoice number must always be stated in the event of a complaint and return cases.
    3. In case of defects in the item reserved Light House Company AS reserves the right to repair the item or replace it with a similar new one.
    4. Light House Company AS 'liability is limited to defects or defects that are a direct consequence of manufacturing defects
    5. Light House Company AS has no responsibility for operating losses, lost profits, or other financial consequences. for damage caused by delivered material.
    6. Repairs carried out on site at the customer's request are only approved by Light House Company AS when this has been agreed in writing in advance. Light House Company AS reserves the right to approve the choice of repairer in such cases.
    7. Troubleshooting in systems is not covered. Liability for defects and consequences lapses when the product is installed under conditions other than those assumed or described in the installation instructions.

Complaint form in browser Complaint form for download (Zip)


  1. Warranty under the Purchase Act 2 years unless otherwise stated.
  2. The warranty period applies from the invoice date.
  3. The guarantee does not apply to any kind of consequential damages.
  4. Errors due to exposure to extreme conditions, e.g. thunder, lightning, water intrusion, fire, poor ventilation or other conditions outside Light House Company AS's control.
  5. The guarantee applies to replacement of product or repair of the product on Light House Company AS's workshop. The customer covers the costs of disassembly and installation.

Terms of payment:

  1. Payment terms are net 15 days from invoice date unless otherwise agreed.
  2. For payment after due date, interest is calculated at 1,5% per. commenced month and a reminder fee of NOK 50
  3. In case of default, cash payment applies upon delivery.

Environmental tax:

Light House Company AS is a member of RENAS, which is responsible for collecting EE waste, and goods are charged with environmental tax in accordance with the applicable rates for electrical items at any given time. The fee appears as a separate line on the invoice.

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