The knowledge base

How are we affected by light?

To what extent does light affect our daily lives and behavior? Light House knows the influence of light and knows how it can be used for different purposes.

An overview of important concepts.

Luxury is a term used to
explain amount of light. Lumen is the amount of light flowing out of a light source in all directions. Ra index (Rendering Average) is a scale that was made for conventional light sources, and should describe the light source's ability to reproduce colors correctly.

“Selling candles”

Light House delivers the concept “Selling candles” -
the knowledge of how the store lighting affects customers to predetermined actions. Now we also give a guarantee of results for the concept!

LED lighting for the office - increased well-being and focus

Ever since 2007, we have continuously collaborated with several of Europe's leading lighting manufacturers with solutions in LED lighting for the office environment.

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