LED lighting for office -
increased well-being and focus

Ever since 2007, we have continuously collaborated with several of Europe's leading lighting manufacturers with solutions in LED lighting. This has given us an enormous amount of professional knowledge and experience in LED lighting and how to utilize the lighting potential for your particular workplace.

Brightness, zones and atmosphere

Brightness, zones and atmosphere are all details that must harmonize with each other to create a productive workplace with well-being for employees. We make sure to customize each office space according to activity and goals. The right lighting creates the right harmony and focus.

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LED panel

As general lighting for offices, we recommend LED panels. With us, you will find a plentiful selection of elegant panels that are guaranteed to appeal to both you and your employees.

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LED Flex and LED profile

In our range you will also find a plentiful selection of LED flex and IP-secure profile, and which has no restriction in relation to the wishes and requirements for an efficient office.

Light House consists of dedicated professionals with an enormous commitment and a burning belief in what light can accomplish. We work in teams and are always looking for the optimal and unique solution for each project.

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