Store lighting with guaranteed results

Light House

Light House delivers the concept “Selling light” -
the knowledge of how the store lighting affects customers to predetermined actions.
Now we also give a guarantee of results for the concept!

Selling candles

As is well known, investing in proper store lighting is so much more than just lighting a room or an area. A modern and future-oriented lighting solution must also create the right environment, create atmosphere, often build a brand, be environmentally friendly and cost-effective - and not least: contribute to creating good results!

Increased sales with “Selling candles”

Light House has for many years been suppliers of our own concept SELLING LIGHT. This concept is primarily about having knowledge of how the light in the store influences consumers to make pre-selected reactions. It's about using the light to draw customers to the store - and then directing them to desired items and actions. SELLING LIGHTS are primarily intended for lighting in shopping centers and shops, and Light House has over many years developed a unique competence on how light can function as an extremely important tool for achieving in-store results - especially in increased sales!

We in Light House possesses the Nordic region's foremost expertise in the right lighting solutions, including a completely unique knowledge of the correct use of LEDs. To reinforce this and make existing and new customers completely confident in our message, we now also provide a concrete and tangible guarantee.

We guarantee:

  • • Increase in turnover.

  • • Increased experience in store.

  • • The market's best LED solutions for stores.

  • Significant energy savings with LED.

  • • That we are the Nordic region's best at lighting and consumer behavior.

Contact us for more information,
and get more information and the tangible proof of our guarantees!

We are happy to answer your questions. You can reach us on telephone 22 67 20 00 or find our contact information here


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