LED lighting

LED lighting - for you who want something unique and beautiful.

Today, we work almost exclusively with LED solutions in all types of projects, and this helps to give our customers the market's foremost and most optimal solutions. There are no restrictions with LED lighting and confirms the claim that light is so much more than just a light source - for example, decor and decoration.

We in Light House has since 2007 had a strong focus on solutions within LED lighting, where we have worked out world-class solutions in collaboration with Europe's leading manufacturers of light. This has given us a unique expertise in LED.

LED flex and profiles
Today you will find a plentiful selection of gorgeous solutions and can offer unique opportunities LED flex and IP-secure LED profiles.

Since our start-up in 1997, we have provided LED lighting with great success for both homes, commercial premises and public buildings and who know the importance of good lighting. Our philosophy has resulted in many award-winning projects. We create fantastic results with light - every single day!

Light House consists of dedicated professionals with an enormous commitment and a burning belief in what light can accomplish. Our ambition is to be groundbreaking, cost-effective and environmentally friendly in our projects.

WE welcome you to take contact us for more information regarding LED lighting and how we can assist you.

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